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Congratulations! If you are reading this, you probably have purchased a new water-repellent Adco or Classic Accessories motorhome, toy hauler, or travel trailer cover. This will provide protection against damage from the sun's UV rays and from mold and mildew as well. Doing a motorhome cover installation or a trailer cover installation is easy and can be done in a very short period, usually under 10 minutes.

Preparing Your RV

RV CoverBefore starting your camper cover installation, it is a good idea to first lean your RV. Removing the dirt and debris will prevent foreign substances from grinding against the RV's finish when the cover moves with the wind.

It is also a good idea to "soften" any hard surfaces or corners so they cannot damage the covers. These include things like rain gutters, gutter spouts, corners, etc. Some covers come with "socks" that can be placed over gutter spouts or ladders, but you can also use household items like tennis balls, pool noodles, etc. to make hard corners or pointed items less of a threat to the cover.

RV Cover Installation Methods

The easiest method of installing your cover is by getting on the roof. If you are uncomfortable doing that, you can install your RV Cover without climbing on the roof of your RV by using stepladders, although it will not be as easy and will take more time. Will Most full-size coaches can be covered and secured in under 10 minutes.

The RV Cover Installation Process

Here are the steps to install your RV Cover:

  • Unpack the cover from the box. Find the front of the cover by finding the tag that is sewn into the hem with the label "Front".
  • Un-snap all buckles and remove buckle weights (used when throwing straps under the RV to the other side) 
  • Unroll the cover out so that the roof surface that will be facing up when installed is on top.
  • Fold the extended side over the top of each other in the center, then re-roll the cover back up, starting with the BACK and rolling to the FRONT.
  • Lift the cover onto the room and place it near the FRONT of the RV, then unroll it down the length to the back. Make sure that the side with the zippered easy access panels is laying on the passenger side of the coach.
  • Note: If you cannot lift the whole cover onto the roof while it is still in a roll, you can pull the cover over the RV as shown in the video below. Make sure as you are pulling that it does not catch and tear on any sharp surfaces on the ground or rear of the RV.
  • Once you have the cover rolled out along the length of the RV, move down the coach, tossing the side fabrics down over the front, then both sides, and finally the rear. They should fall easily into place all around the RV.
  • Connect the weights to the under-body buckles to throw them more easily under the RV to the other side.
  • Once that is complete, remove the weights, and connect each of the buckles.
  • Fasten and tighten all buckles on the front and rear of the coach to take up any slack in the fabric and to get the tightest fit possible for the coach.
  • Completely secure the cover by tightening all buckles and straps running under the RV 
  • It is important to the effectiveness and longevity of the cover to have the tightest possible fit.

RV Cover Installation Video

Here is a Video from Adco Products showing how to install an RV Cover:

If you did not get tire covers with your main RV cover, consider adding them to protect you tires from wearing gout prematurely. 

When you remove your cover, make sure it is completely dry, then use the heavy-duty storage bag provided to keep your cover clean and undamaged, ready for the next time you want to use it.

If you have any issues with your cover, remember that all our covers have multi-year warranties. 

If you need anything else for your RV, keep in mind that RV Part Shop offers Free Shipping on all orders over $99.

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