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Most RVs have what are called vertical arm awnings because they have their support arms permanently attached to the side of the camper.  Here is an example:

 RV Awing

Pop-up Trailers or tent trailers do not have full permanent walls because the roof is lowered when traveling.  So this type of trailer generally uses what is called a Bag Awning.  The awning material and the support arms are stored in a vinyl bag that hangs from a standard RV awning rail on the side of the roof.

Recreational Vehicle


Upon arrival at a destination, the bag zipper is opened, and the fabric can be removed and rolled out.  At the same time, the awning support arms are unfolded from their horizontal position and hooked into small permanent brackets on the side of the camper body to support the awning canvas.

Bag Awnings come in multiple colors and lengths ranging from about 8.5 Feet to 13 Feet.  RV Part Shop offers the Campout Awning line of bag awnings from Carefree of Colorado.

Contact us for more information on the price and availability of a bag awning for your camper.  We also have RV Box Awnings available for other types of RV installations.

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