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Special orders need to be done for products that are available for purchase, but that we do not normally stock in our warehouses.  In most cases, this is because it is a product that does not have high demand.  The product page will indicate in the Availability field if the product is a special order item.

Products ordered on a special order basis must be ordered by us from the manufacturer's warehouse stock.  This involves additional time and manpower for which a special order fee is assessed, as well as the addition of inbound shipping costs to get the product from the manufacturer to our warehouse so it can be sent to you.

Because of these additional costs, special order products can appear to be priced higher than they should be, especially for items that are normally low price.  This is because special order and shipping charges are fixed and are not related to the value of the part.  

However, in most cases, a special order will be the only way to obtain the part because of the limited demand for it.

In most instances, because of the additional cost and work involved with a special order, they are non-cancellable.  If the manufacturer does allow special order returns, there may be up to a 30% restocking fee to cancel or return the order.  Consult with one of our parts specialists before placing your order if you are unsure that you are ordering the correct part to avoid these unnecessary costs.

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