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If you have a serious tire blowout on your travel trailer or fifth wheel while traveling down the road, there is a good chance this event will take out all or part of your trailer's fender.

RV Part Shop carries a wide selection of RV travel trailer fenders and fifth-wheel fender skirts.   These come in versions to match most single axle, tandem axle, and triple axle trailers.  Many come in a variety of colors as well.  We also have a limited number of Class B and Class C motorhome fenders for sale.

Matching your Trailer's Fender Skirt

To locate the correct RV fender skirt for your unit, you will need to know the manufacturer name of your RV and the number of axles.  Our supplier for these fender skirts has put together an informative website where you can find a direct replacement for your skirt:

fender lookup

Click here to look up your fender Skirt

The first thing you will be asked is how many axles you have on your trailer.  Select Single Axle, Tandem Axle or Triple Axle

Step 2 is to filter the results by narrowing the selection down to only those used by your trailer manufacturer.

Trailer manufacturer

Once you have completed step 1 and 2, you will be presented with a list of all fender skirts for your RV brand.


The final step is to review all the options and select the one that is the same dimensions and shape as the fender skirt you are trying to replace.

Comparing the Fender Measurements

To locate the correct trailer fender skirt, you will need to compare the following measurements with the diagrams of the fenders presented on the website, including: 

  1. Top Length - Measured from hole to hole above the center of the tire well.
  2. Wheel Wall - Measured from the lowest point on the outside leg to the highest point in the wheel wall
  3. Overall Height - Measured from the lowest point on the outside leg to the highest point overall
  4. Outside Leg Width - Measured from the side of the fender skirt to the inner side of the leg
  5. Inside Leg Width - Measured at the widest point at the bottom of the inside leg (Not always applicable)
  6. Overall Length - Measured from the longest points of the fender skirts

Make sure and double-check the measurements carefully.  Many trailer fenders look almost the same.

Selecting the Fender Color

Once you have found the correct fender, look at the color swatches underneath the main diagram to see what colors the fender is available in.  Note that colors may not look the same on your computer screen and colors for a given fender may be very close in color.

When you have the color selected, make a note of the number on the color swatch (not the number starting with "FS" that is located above the diagram.)

Go back to our category for RV trailer fenders and enter the number on the color swatch in the search bar to find the price and availability of the fender you bar If you can't find a match, contact one of our customer service representatives for assistance.

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