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Carefree of Colorado Standard Vinyl awning fabrics are a fine and economical choice when it's time to replace your RV awning fabric.  They are 13 mils thick and will generally give you 10 to 15 years of use when properly maintained.

Note that this service period will be reduced if you have a permanent site where you leave the awning out and are exposed to the sun all summer.  The other thing that will reduce the life of an RV awning fabric is the presence of tree sap/needles or bird droppings.  It's a good idea to regularly clean your awning and remove any of these items.

RV Awning

Premium vinyl awning fabrics come in brighter, more vibrant colors and they do make your RV look extra sharp.

vinyl awning

There is also a small difference in the thickness of the vinyl.  Standard vinyl is 13 mil thick and premium fabrics are 15 mil.

Awning manufacturers are limited in the thickness of material they use because they must still be able to fit the standard channels in awning rollers or awning rails attached to your RV.  Therefore, 15 mil is the thickest fabric you can get.  If a thicker fabric was used, it would not roll up properly or fit in the roller or awning rail channels on your motorhome or travel trailer.

Premium vinyl fabrics also come with a 10-year warranty, a lot more than the one-year warranty offered for standard vinyl fabrics.  An additional UV protectant application provides superior protection against premature fading as well.

Features of Premium Awning Replacement Fabrics

  • Heavy-duty 15 oz., antimicrobial embedded vinyl fabric
  • Double hemming and stitching using durable Gore® Tenara® thread provide great style, beauty, and durability. 
  • Superior resistance to deterioration because of harsh sunlight, weather, and cleaning. 
  • Industry-leading 10 Year Warranty
  • 1000 denier fabric is stronger and more durable than competitive 400 denier fabric

Note: If you do purchase a Carefree awning, see this article on the Carefree RV Awning manufacturing process.

And here is a page to show you all of Carefree's available colors for Standard and Premium vinyl awnings:

Carefree RV Awning Color Availability

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