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An RV awning purchase consists of two separate purchases: the roller and fabric section and the arm set. 


For existing or new manual or power patio awnings, slideout or tip-out awnings, or window awnings, we’ve put the procedures below for what measurements you will need.  This will allow you to select the correct awning or for us to advise you on a replacement:

For Complete RV Awning Replacements

If you are doing a complete RV awning replacement for the awning over your patio: 

RV Awning

Width:  This RV awning measurement is obtained by measuring from the center of one arm over to the center of the other arm (or between the locations where the old awning brackets were installed.) This measurement will be generally on the even foot, although we can get custom off-foot lengths made.


Height: Awning arms come in different heights to fit different heights of vehicles. It is important to get the correct arms. You will want to have the maximum slope for drainage while not having the roller too low to the ground when extended. 


Measure vertically down from the top bracket down to the bottom bracket. The awning arms should be selected to be in a matching height range to the measurement.


For New RV Awning Installation over your Patio

If this is a new installation:

1.    Find a location near the bottom of the sidewall on which you are installing the awning to attach the bottom brackets. This should be at a level where there is a solid stud, floor joist, etc. behind the wall to anchor the bottom brackets into.

2.    Identify the location along the roofline with solid backing to mount the top brackets. There should be enough space above this location to install a 1"-2" awning rail to hold the fabric to the side of the RV. The retracted awning roller will sit at the level of the brackets

3.    Identify two locations on the wall where there is unobstructed vertical space (no windows, appliances, cargo doors, etc.) The two locations must be an even number of feet apart (14 ft., 15 ft., 16 ft., etc.) 

4.    Once you have planned the location of the four brackets, take your measurement as described above.


Tip: If you have a new installation or if your awning rail is damaged, remember to order the awning rail separately from the roller/fabric and the arms. It is not included in the purchase of either of the two main awning components.


Here is a diagram of the various dimensions we need to size an RV Patio awning:

RV Awning Measurement

Measuring For Slide-Out (Slidetopper) Awnings

For complete slideout awnings, you will need three dimensions of the trailer awning measurement to select the correct slide topper:

•    The overall width of the slideout "Room" (the box that is stored inside the RV)

•    The overall width of the slideout "Flange" (the widest part of the slide-out assembly

•    The height from the top of the slideout "Room" to the top of the top flange. (The slideout flange is the thin metal frame around the edge of the room that sits flat against the RV when the room is in. It will have a rubber seal on the inside face to keep the water out when in.)

 These values will help us determine the best width for your slide-out awning. The top flange measurement is needed to ensure you get the correct slideout awning bracket kit. If you have an unusually high flange, you will need a tall bracket kit to ensure your fabric does not rub on the top of the flange when traveling in and out.

Measuring For Replacement RV Window Awnings

Standard RV window awnings come in widths of between 3 feet and 6 feet, in 1/2-foot increments. This is, again, the center arm to center arm measurement. When measuring for awning widths for your camper windows, measure the window and choose the next size up from that width. Make sure that the next size will allow a bit of space between the edge of the window seal or frame and the inside of the arm assembly.

There are two different heights of awning arms for window awnings, so your product specialist will need to know the height of your window as well to determine the correct arms for your application.

Measuring for RV Awning Replacement Fabrics 

Because fabrics will shrink over time out in the elements, RV patio awning replacement fabrics are sized by the center arm to center arm width, the same as a new or replacement awning. Fabrics are always 10 inches shorter than that length, so they do not extend over the end of the aluminum roller.

Slideout and window awnings do not shrink as much because they are smaller. To size one of those replacement fabrics, simply measure the width of the fabric itself.

RV Awning Extension Lengths

Almost all patio awnings extend a standard 8 feet. The only exception is some destination awnings for park model trailers, which can be 10 feet out from the RV. Slideout fabrics are all made with 42" extensions to allow for the largest slideout rooms. Window awnings, as previously mentioned, have two extension lengths, for standard and extra tall windows.

RV Awning Weather Guards

It is important to determine before ordering an awning what type of weather guard you have on it.  You may need a different replacement fabric depending on the type of weather guard it has.  Click here for more information on the different types of weather guards:

Different Types of RV Awning Weatherguards

RV Awning Color Availability

To see all of the available colors for RV awnings and RV Awning replacement fabrics, visit this page:

RV Awning Color Selection


Follow the steps above for all of your camper awning measurements. Also, RV Part Shop has the best customer service in the business and we're ready to answer any question. We offer the highest quality camper awning replacements for your motor home, camper trailer, travel trailer, or even your truck camper. We carry complete new trailer awnings, slide-out awnings, and window awnings, as well as awning fabric replacements. 

We offer trailer awning replacements and new camper awnings from Carefree of Colorado, Dometic A&E, and Lippert (Solera.) Shop with us for awning parts as well, part of our wide selection of RV Parts and RV Accessories. 

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