If you discover your error just after ordering, call us and/or send us a message by creating a ticket IMMEDIATELY.  Our order processing is automated and after certain control processes are done by our system, the order is sent electronically to the warehouse that is going to fulfill the order.

We can stop the order from being processed at any time before the warehouse actually picks your product(s) from the shelf to prepare your shipment.  After the item has been picked and is in queue to be packaged for shipment, the process cannot be stopped.

That's why it is important to contact us as soon as you realize that you've made an error while ordering.

After your product(s) are picked, shipped or received, we can initiate a return for exchange or refund.  When you have received the goods, see our articles Our Refund Policy and How can I Return an Item for more information on how to return an item.  Note that some items are classified as non-returnable.